A Summer of Adventures

With the summer holidays over and the new school year beginning, Stories and More had a quick look back at the workshops over the summer. These ranged from running live storytelling sessions at local festivals, to our 3-day play in day holidays camps to lots of summer birthdays parties, it certainly has been a busy one.

What has been great is that these sessions, with all the children, have been interactive and relied purely on the children’s imaginations. As adults we use ours less and less, the logical side of the brain comes into play. However, take a child on an adventure into their imagination and the possibilities are endless, and so much fun.

The Summer holidays are a great opportunity for getting out of the house and letting children create their fun, whether it’s on holiday, in the park, with friends… it’s all stimulating their creativity. Now they can take all of that back with them into their new school year. But this fun doesn’t have to stop, we have created our school workshops specifically to get children out of the classroom, leaving their pens behind ready for more adventures.

We have lots of school visits, children’s parties and even some worldwide travel coming up over the next few months at Stories and More, bringing unique stories to life for children everywhere.

If you would like more information on our workshops for your school, please get in touch.