Adventure Blocks

4-tall-blocksOne of its kind – A Brand New Interactive Storytelling Toy

Stories and More Adventure Blocks allow any child, from any background, to explore their imagination and bring their own story to life in a simple roll of the dice.

The Adventure Blocks are specifically designed to bring groups of children together through the art of storytelling, creating a fun environment for imaginative play. There are thousands of stories to be told and the sillier the better, let your imagination run wild and build on each twist and turn as much as you like, with every new roll, you can never be wrong!

Each block is colour coded to help with the structure of the story, the Who, What, Where and How, the most important factors in any tale.

WHO Block gives us the characters in the story, maybe you only have one or maybe you meet many throughout your adventurous story.

WHAT Block shows an object, maybe something that has been lost or something to be found, could it have been taken or given as a reward?

WHERE Block is a place, a destination or a starting point for our story, or maybe we have to pass this place in order to get a clue for our next step…

HOW Block, how do we get to all these places and meet these people? Well here are your modes of transport – walking is fine, but why not hop on an Airplane or whiz off on a Scooter!

who  what  where  how


How can it work in your school?

One off Workshop

A full workshop working with selected year groups/classes using the Adventure Blocks to stimulate their imaginations.
Weekly sessions as part of an enrichment course
Stories and More can visit your school on a weekly basis either working with a particular group of children or a different class each week.

One on One

The Adventure Blocks are a great way for the children to express themselves whilst having fun and can be perfect for those who have difficulty doing so.
An add on to a Stories and More storytelling day

Book a full day of storytelling and we can add on a short session using the blocks!