Change can be such a scary word to some people, especially children, they like routine, knowing what is going to happen next, when they eat, sleep, learn etc.

But change can also be exciting and thrilling!

At Stories and More we are forever changing, our lesson plans change due to children’s wonderful ideas, our products and offers change to keep up date and we of course change as people – adding little people into our families.

There is a point to this post…the point is change is on the horizon for us again and it is so exciting, scary and wonderful all at the same time!

People of Andover keep your eye peeled for BIG NEWS!

Easter Holiday Clubs

Can you believe it, Easter is just around the corner! This year is whizzing by so quickly!

So what do you have planned, nothing? It’s quite daunting isn’t it, 2 weeks to entertain the kids, or find childcare if you need to work! banner3

Thank goodness for Stories and More, I hear you cry (cough that’s your part).

Tomorrow, in Walton-on-Thames, our new holiday club at Ashley C of E Primary School will be starting, two packed days full of fun and creativity, ooo we can’t wait to see what ideas the children have!

But the fun doesn’t stop there, next week on Monday and Tuesday (10th and 11th) we are running another holiday club in Andover – where we always have such lovely children join us and the shows are always so entertaining!

So what do we have planned? Well, lots actually and your children can be a part of it, just get in touch to reserve your place and click here for more details.

World Book Day 2017

This year we, at Stories and More, were jammed packed for world book day, telling stories to around 1000 children!

Some people have asked me, what is the point of World Book Day? Quite simply, it is a celebration of books, books that inspire, encourage and broaden your child’s imagination. By celebrating, with a day dedicated to books, you are showing the children how wonderful they are, how much fun it is to share stories, read, create your own. logo

At Stories and More we may not tell stories from book, but they definitely inspire us, with each story that we tell having a little bit of something from a book we have read or heard.

Over the last couple weeks we have told a whole range of stories, we went on adventures into the Rainforest at Zouch Primary School, met an Alien who crash landed on Earth at Alverstoke Infant School. At Burlington Infant School the children helped us find Capt’n Bernard Knifenose and get the treasure back for Skipper! These are just a few of the schools we visited
but each one was full of fun and imagination, every child was involved in our storytelling, all having wonderful ideas to contribute.

World Book Day 2017 you have been wonderful, but remember the fun doesn’t have to stop there, how about a World Book Year – we like the sound of that!