Change can be such a scary word to some people, especially children, they like routine, knowing what is going to happen next, when they eat, sleep, learn etc.

But change can also be exciting and thrilling!

At Stories and More we are forever changing, our lesson plans change due to children’s wonderful ideas, our products and offers change to keep up date and we of course change as people – adding little people into our families.

There is a point to this post…the point is change is on the horizon for us again and it is so exciting, scary and wonderful all at the same time!

People of Andover keep your eye peeled for BIG NEWS!

All Creatures Big and Small

This term, our After School Club theme has been Myths and Legends, so every week in class the children, along with their Stories and More teacher, have been bringing to life some of their favourite myths and creatures.

We were so impressed with the way the children were describing their creatures and the way they were being so creative that we decided, at Stories and More, to hold a competition to draw their very own mythical creature.

This is the perfect chance for a child to really use their imagination and because there is no wrong answer or way of doing it, the pressure is off! All we ask is that they make it as unusual as possible.

I (Lillie) have never seen a Stories and More drama club so quiet, as the children went about creating their creatures, all different sizes, shapes and colours.

Once they had completed their drawings, they all stood up and introduced their creature, one by one, to the club.

These creatures are still being talked about in the sessions and the idea has evolved to the children ‘playing them’ as we go on story adventures.

This is why we love a Stories and More after school club, the children have fun, grow in confidence and get the chance to really use their imagination and bring it to life.

We used staff members and our 5 year old advisor to pick the winners and they are below: Big round of applause for Wilhelmina age 8, Abishek age 6, Joyce age 9 and Frankie age 10.


Re-Launch of Stories and More

We have had a little make over, a re-fresh if you will, and we want to know your thoughts.

Stories and More has been running now for around 6 years and since then we have definitely grown. What started out as a company that would run little workshops in schools, has now become a Storytelling hub of activity! We have many strings to our bow and we felt like we needed to gather them up and put them somewhere pretty to show them off. Hence the new website!

blocks1The new site is child friendly, bright, fresh and mobile friendly too! We wanted to keep things simple and easy, as life is too complicated as it is, so we changed our logo to reflect this too – crisp, clean and appealing to all ages.

We will make sure that the site is always being updated, with blogs, news and offers, that way you know exactly where to go to find out all the latest information.

But what else is new?

Have you seen our Adventure Blocks? Our new product that is set to take storytelling to the next level in schools and at events. The perfect way to get children’s imaginations running.

Our school workshops and parties have also been given a little lift – just to keep us ‘down with the kids’, with new themes and styles of workshops added.

We also have an OCTOBER SALE This is where you can receive a lovely 15% off any booking which is made during the month of October – isn’t that a nice treat!

So, let us know your thoughts, spread the word to your friends and have a look around our new website. We love our new look and we hope you do too!