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World Book Day 2019!

With World Book Day/Week being one of our busier times, it’s never too early to start thinking about booking in your school.world-book-day-logo-240x300

World Book Day falls on Thursday 7th March 2019, however lots of schools book 2 weeks around this day. It is a great time in schools and a fantastic way to get children excited about stories. Not only reading but telling them too – enter us!

We bring our own stories to life in a fun, fast and theatrical way. Everything we do is interactive so the children are invited to share their ideas, play characters, create soundscapes and atmospheres.

Not only this, but we also offer Play in a Day workshops, so if there was a certain book you have been looking at we can come in and work with the children to perform parts of the story – devised in their own way. They would also learn a song and dance too and they would have the opportunity to perform it all at the end!

So, if you think your school would be interested in a World Book Day/Week booking, get in touch today!

A Summer of Adventures

With the summer holidays over and the new school year beginning, Stories and More had a quick look back at the workshops over the summer. These ranged from running live storytelling sessions at local festivals, to our 3-day play in day holidays camps to lots of summer birthdays parties, it certainly has been a busy one.

What has been great is that these sessions, with all the children, have been interactive and relied purely on the children’s imaginations. As adults we use ours less and less, the logical side of the brain comes into play. However, take a child on an adventure into their imagination and the possibilities are endless, and so much fun.

The Summer holidays are a great opportunity for getting out of the house and letting children create their fun, whether it’s on holiday, in the park, with friends… it’s all stimulating their creativity. Now they can take all of that back with them into their new school year. But this fun doesn’t have to stop, we have created our school workshops specifically to get children out of the classroom, leaving their pens behind ready for more adventures.

We have lots of school visits, children’s parties and even some worldwide travel coming up over the next few months at Stories and More, bringing unique stories to life for children everywhere.

If you would like more information on our workshops for your school, please get in touch.


The Brain Tumour Charity Event

A couple of weeks ago, I (Teoni) headed to a family event celebrating the 20th Anniversary of The Brain Tumour Charity. This day is a family fun day, they had many events happening throughout the day, face painting, various fun races – including the egg and spoon race which I have to say I am a master at – and of course, a storytelling session from us! Plus wonderful hog roast and ice creams, what more could you ask for!

The day was a celebration of all the wonderful work that The Brain Tumour Charity do and the fantastic families that they help. The families that attended have all, at some point, been affected by a brain tumour in their lives, either through losing a child or relative, or are living with this life changing diagnosis.2017-06-25-PHOTO-00000115

However, this day was filled with positivity and was a truly uplifting day, I was so proud to be a part of this. I have nothing but admiration for these families for their strength, I couldn’t even imagine what they have been through.


The children who attended, and took part in our story, were just wonderful, playing characters, creating scenery and then getting up to tell their own stories using our Adventure Blocks. The stories they created were fantastic, in fact I may steal some of their ideas!

Children are so strong, they deal with things so much better than an adult, but they are still children, they need that fun, silliness and laughter that comes with being a child. This charity helps to make sure that doesn’t go away.

The staff, from The Brain Tumour Charity, are everything you would want in tough situations, warm, welcoming and full of positivity, what a fantastic group of people. Thank you for letting us be part of your day.