Who are we?

Stories and More are your modern day Storytellers, for generations Storytelling has been a part of our culture, a way of entertaining, touching emotions or to inform. But it also sparks imagination and with that comes creativity, a feeling that anything is possible, you can be anyone, do anything because you can imagine it being so, this in turn helps with confidence.

We want to tap into their fantastic imaginations, encourage children to create new characters that we hadn’t thought of, or take us on a journey to somewhere we didn’t know existed. Doing this we can help to build their confidence with ‘yes you’re right’ and ‘what a fantastic idea’. If more time is spent storytelling with them, letting them lead you to somewhere new then it will help to open up their world and explore new things.

This is why we do what we do, because this time of a child’s life is precious and if storytelling helps to make the most of it then shouldn’t we all be doing it?

We invited our parents and their children to come and watch the professionals extend their stories. They had, without a doubt, the most amazing time! Capturing the interest of the children, the parents and my assistants. The children had a ball…fab. BlueBirds Nursery

Stories and More was created by the friendship duo of Teoni Randall and Lillie Collier, through being silly for many years, working with children and telling crazy stories, they realised their love for storytelling and decided to create a company with this concept at the very heart of it. With over 15 years of knowledge in this industry between them, they have developed Stories and More into the company it is today. Every workshop, Story and idea is created by Stories and More and tried and tested in schools or organisation’s to develop further.

Together with a team of fantastic teachers/story leaders, they bring workshops and sessions to Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and London.