Why is Storytelling Important?

Here at Stories and More we pride ourselves on our storytelling, but why do we do it? Why do we think that it is so important for a young child’s growth?

For generations Storytelling has been a part of our culture, a way of entertaining, touching emotions or to inform. But it also sparks imagination and with that comes creativity, a feeling that anything is possible, you can be anyone, do anything because you can imagine it being so. This in turn helps with confidence, a way of helping those shy children express themselves without feeling like they are ‘doing it wrong’.

schoolChildren are experts at visualising a world that you have described and they will enjoy adding the finishing touches to it. Maybe a character you hadn’t yet thought of, or a river around the corner that you didn’t know was there. Their minds are incredible and far more superior in the world of imagination then us grown ups. As we grow we don’t tend to use this part of our brain, we swap it for the TV, video games, work and facts of everyday life. So we forget how to use it, how to imagine the impossible.

So isn’t it more important than ever to encourage children to embrace all this while they can? Build their confidence with ‘yes you’re right’ and ‘what a fantastic idea’ instead of the ‘don’t be silly’ and ‘not right now’. Spend that time storytelling with them, let them lead you into your imagination and I am sure you will be surprised at what they come up with.

This is why we do what we do, because this time of a child’s life is precious and if storytelling helps to make the most of it then shouldn’t we all be doing it?