World Book Day 2019!

With World Book Day/Week being one of our busier times, it’s never too early to start thinking about booking in your

World Book Day falls on Thursday 7th March 2019, however lots of schools book 2 weeks around this day. It is a great time in schools and a fantastic way to get children excited about stories. Not only reading but telling them too – enter us!

We bring our own stories to life in a fun, fast and theatrical way. Everything we do is interactive so the children are invited to share their ideas, play characters, create soundscapes and atmospheres.

Not only this, but we also offer Play in a Day workshops, so if there was a certain book you have been looking at we can come in and work with the children to perform parts of the story – devised in their own way. They would also learn a song and dance too and they would have the opportunity to perform it all at the end!

So, if you think your school would be interested in a World Book Day/Week booking, get in touch today!